Delightful Discussions with Natalie: The Meaning of Love

This is a one-time conversation about our experiences with love and how to succeed in loving relationships!

Please RSVP to both meetup sites. Thank you.

Questions of the Session

The question, “What is Love?” haunts us as a culture. Many of us seek love as one of the major goals in our lives. Many of us seek love through ways that are different from what is considered ‘the norm’ in our societies. Many of us seek to redefine what love means to us. This conversation is meant to share our opinions and values surrounding loving relationships.

What do you immediately think of when you think of the word, ‘love?’

Does ‘love’ have a different meaning for you than it does for other people that you know?

Where are your boundaries when it comes to love – how soon, after having met someone, can you say that you love them?

What kind of ‘love language’ do you use? (More information will be given out during the conversation on what a ‘love language’ is).

Why is love important to you in your life?


The cost is free!

The location is at

Light refreshments will be provided; please leave a small donation of $2-3 if you partake.

Any questions, please message Natalie at


Note: Harassment of any kind – on the basis of biological sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender presentation, or on the basis of race or ability or any other reason – during Meetups offered by this group will not be tolerated.

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