“FOOD” — Conversations throughout NYC this month


Feeding Our Bodies, Our Minds, and the World

Conversations Throughout NYC in January

FOOD will be the subject of conversations throughout New York City during the month of January, in a project sponsored by Conversations New York (CNY) and listed on its calendar at www.conversationsnewyork.com.

“Lively-minded New Yorkers will gather to share their ideas, experiences, and feelings,” says Ron Gross, founder of CNY. “Giving more thought to what and how we eat can help us understand ourselves, our world, each other more deeply. And it can save our lives.”

Conversations will take place in a myriad of public venues, anchored by a TED-New York Salon facilitated by Ron Gross on Fri., Jan. 15th at 5:00 at The Olivia, 315 West 33rd Street, and a CNYConversation hosted by Gross at the Manhattan Center of Adelphi University, 75 Varick Street, on Wed., Jan. 20th at 6:00.

Why not host such a conversation yourself – with whomever you like, wherever and whenever you like — to explore FOOD from your perspective?! It’s a great way to share experiences and ideas, make new friends, and deepen commitment to sustainability. See the CNY website for suggested venues including cafes and restaurants, the atriums of major business buildings like CitiGroup, IBM, and SONY, and churches and campuses.

Among the topics to be discussed at these conversations will be:

What does Food mean to you? (In your heritage, community, family, life history, current situation)

Are we thinking and talking about Food too much? Too little? In the right ways?

Do you feel any moral and ethical issues involved in your dietary choices?

Why do so many people have health issues with Food? What do you know about the science?

What role does eating (“dining”?!) play in your social, cultural, and professional life?

How can we be savvy about how, what, and where we eat in NYC? (How do you find, size up and choose places to eat, and how do you deal with problems with what you are served?)

What is our responsibility as citizens and consumers, for the Politics and Ideology of Food, e.g., feeding the world equitably, food production and Global Warming.

YOUR questions/experiences/reflections about FOOD.

Suggested Optional Reading: In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto, by Michael Pollan; Food Matters, by Mark Bittman; The Philosopher’s Diet: How to Lose Weight & Change the World, by Richard A. Watson; The Virtues of the Table: How to Eat and Think, by Julian Baggini; and “Thus Ate Zarathrustra”, by Woody Allen.

Conversations New York (www.conversationsnewyork.com) is a community of volunteers devoted to enhancing the quality of life in NYC by promoting more and better conversations. CNY’s projects have included the first national conference on THE POWER OF CONVERSATION at Columbia University, annual CONVERSATION DAYS in Bryant Park, and promoting 1,000 conversation per year on its on-line calendar.