Great Talk flourished in Bryant Park yesterday!

Those of us who celebrated this 5th annual Conversation Day felt our spirits buoyed, our fellow-feelings nurtured, our intellects stimulated. (And our faces refreshingly spritzed with wind-blown spray from the Great Fountain!)

The topics ranged from What Makes Us Laugh? to How Can We Overcome our Political Rancor? Participants wrestled with challenging questions like How Can We Survive and Thrive in NYC?, How Can We Become Happier?, and Is Technology Our Friend or Our Nemesis?”

But whatever the topic at hand, what shone forth even more brightly than the wondrous afternoon sunlight, was the exhilarating diversity of faces, voices, and perspectives. Looking across the table, you could see and hear why our beloved City has been called “the capital of the country of people different from ourselves.” We were enriched by the interplay of experiences, ideas, and values.

Every participant seemed to have a unique and valuable contribution to make. And there were innumerable moments of self-discovery. One attendee said: “I didn’t know what I thought, until I heard what I said.”

The statue of Gertrude Stein was heard to murmur: “They’re talking. Good.”

You are warmly invited to our next Conversation on Wed., June 19th, at Hunter College (attached).

Ronald Gross

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