STEP UP – Host a conversation or join our team

Got your own idea for a great conversation?

Want to convene a group on the subject or issue you want to discuss?

Want to Join the CNY team?:

We have  opportunities for professionals with relevant skills to contribute pro bono to the development of CNY in several important areas:

  • Editorial
  • Calendar-development
  • Funding
  • Media Relations/Social Networking
  • Venue-finding and Evaluation
  • IT/Operations
  • Legal

We are also seeking organizational partners and funding, from  public and private agencies   who share our interest in fostering a richer cultural life in NYC.

We are always open to constructive feedback regarding our calendar, events, and social mediate sites.  CNY appreciates all constructive comments and suggestions as to how we may improve our organization.

For more information, to volunteer, or to donate, please contact CNY via Ron Gross at

How You Can Help Us Grow!

If you would like to easily add to our strength, we’d be grateful for your taking these easy steps:

1.  Visit us at to learn more about us, follow us by entering your email address (far right), join us at , and spread the word.

2. Share with us your reactions, questions, and suggestions about this venture.  Email us at

3.  ”Like” our organization on Facebook at

4. Consider convening a Conversation yourself – our site will soon provide resources, but in the meantime just ask us.

5.  Tell us about Conversations you think should be listed on our on-line calendar.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about promoting and encouraging stimulating conversations in New York City!

Thank you

Ronald Gross

One thought on “STEP UP – Host a conversation or join our team

  1. I attended Conversation Day yesterday and really enjoyed it. I would like to volunteer. I am retired and have the time. I can provide ideas and might be able to lead a group. I can also work at an event. Thanks for a great day yesterday.

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