Great Talk flourished in Bryant Park yesterday!

Those of us who celebrated this 5th annual Conversation Day felt our spirits buoyed, our fellow-feelings nurtured, our intellects stimulated. (And our faces refreshingly spritzed with wind-blown spray from the Great Fountain!)

The topics ranged from What Makes Us Laugh? to How Can We Overcome our Political Rancor? Participants wrestled with challenging questions like How Can We Survive and Thrive in NYC?, How Can We Become Happier?, and Is Technology Our Friend or Our Nemesis?”

But whatever the topic at hand, what shone forth even more brightly than the wondrous afternoon sunlight, was the exhilarating diversity of faces, voices, and perspectives. Looking across the table, you could see and hear why our beloved City has been called “the capital of the country of people different from ourselves.” We were enriched by the interplay of experiences, ideas, and values.

Every participant seemed to have a unique and valuable contribution to make. And there were innumerable moments of self-discovery. One attendee said: “I didn’t know what I thought, until I heard what I said.”

The statue of Gertrude Stein was heard to murmur: “They’re talking. Good.”

You are warmly invited to our next Conversation on Wed., June 19th, at Hunter College (attached).

Ronald Gross

Join at

RESPECT, Hunter, 3:20:19.doc

“RESPECT”: Wed., June 19, 6:15 sharp, Hunter College, RSVP

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Georges Brisset
Principal, BrissetConsulting LLC
Email – BrissetConsulting
Cell – 646 522 88 22

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How Can We Revive RESPECT?
Wednesday, June 19, 2019, 6:15 sharp – 8:00
(Please arrive by 6:00)

Hunter College, entrance at Lexington Ave. and 68th St.
Photo ID required for entrance to building, please.
Faculty Dining Room, West Building, 8th Floor

To assure your place and receive updates, please register with one click at:


Have you experienced or observed any of these declines in RESPECT —- and wished something could be done to remedy them?
· In personal relationships, abusive behavior ranging from micro-aggressions to sexual harassment

exposed by the #MeToo movement.
· In political discourse, where adversaries deride, insult, and humiliate their opponents.
· In the ways some people treat others who identify differently.
· In our treatment of our environment – from our neighborhoods to our planet.
· In “trolling” and other offensive behavior in Cyberspace.

Please come to share your experiences, knowledge, and insights!

Are you on the invitation list for announcements and enrichments?
If not, send an e-mail Ron Gross at grossassoc
REGISTRATION LINK, DIRECTIONS AND DETAILS: #6 train to 68th and Lex., or F to 63rd and Lex.
We gather at 6:00 for socializing, bonus hand-outs, etc. to start at 6:15 sharp please.Bring Your Own Food and Drink if You Like. Take-Out Can Be Purchased on the 3rd floor.

Ronald Gross

Co-chair, University Seminar on Innovation

516 487-0235 (E-mail preferred)

E-MAIL: GrossAssoc


CONVERSATION DAY, Sat., June 8, Bryant Park — RSVP and share with friends, please!

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Thank You
—-FREE Workshop series – How to change your life

#3 The Connection Practice

All 3 Workshops wrapped up in a single FREE PDF

Study deeper, get the book

Georges Brisset
Principal, BrissetConsulting LLC
Email – BrissetConsulting
Cell – 646 522 88 22

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Join us for the Annual Global Celebration of Great Talk!

Saturday, June 8, 2019 from 2:00 – 5:00 pm

in Bryant Park
at Sixth Avenue and 41st Street, Manhattan
Look for us at the yellow Welcome Table in front of the giant fountain

FREE — but please register at
Be sure to check event status on Sat. after 9 a.m. at
before departing for this outdoor event.

Come celebrate Conversation Day which has been hailed as “one of the most enjoyable events in the City” by the dean of American travel writers, Arthur Frommer, and featured on major metropolitan radio and TV. (View videos and photos of previous Conversation Days:

You will choose from exciting topics to discuss with other lively-minded New Yorkers, sharing your thoughts, experiences, and ideas. Conversations will start each hour on the hour, hosted by leaders of outstanding programs.

Topics will include:

What Really Makes Us Happy?,

Friendship and Love,

Overcoming Our Political Divides,

Coping and Thriving in NYC,

What’s Really Funny?,

Technology: How Are Our Devices Shaping Our Minds?

and many others!

Can’t come to Bryant Park? Echo our rallying cry – “Let’s Talk, New York!” – anywhere, by inviting your friends to a face-to-face conversation, and share your photos on our Facebook page. #ConversationDay For suggestions on how to organize and conduct a great conversation, see these Resources on the CNY website:

Worldwide, Conversation Day is also celebrated annually on the second Saturday in June by social/cultural activists in over 20 cities including London, Paris, Lagos, Beijing, Tokyo, Bangalore, Kuala Lumpur, and Riyadh.

Conversation Day is presented by Conversations New York (CNY), the foremost program of free public conversations (

Contact: Ronald Gross, Conversations New York,,