The “Talk-About” — a new opportunity for conversations for theater-going New Yorkers

The “Talk-About” — a new opportunity for conversations for theater-going New Yorkers

Here’s something you might want to try, to enhance an upcoming night at the theater: we call it the “Talk About”!

This new kind of New York Conversation “opened” Off-Broadway at the SOHO Theater recently.    After a performance of Ingenious Nature,* eight playgoers gethered to share their reactions to the provocative work over drinks downstairs in the theater’s bar.

“It was great fun to hear what other people saw in it,” said Julie Epstein.  Another participant, Frank Purcell, said: “I found it  fascinating and illuminating”.   “Everyone’s looking for love, or sex, occasionally even both,” said a third discussant.  “It was fascinating to hear about some ways that the science of evolutionary psychology can help us find either– or even both!”

Convenor Ron Gross of CNY explains that “the  ‘Talk-About’  is a new wrinkle on the ‘Talk-Backs‘  that have become a familiar feature of New York theater, especially Off-Broadway”. “Such a conversation  enhances the experience of a night at the theater, by enriching your own experience as you share it with others.  You get to  review  the show from other peoples’ perspectives.”

So how about trying it on YOUR next night at the theater?   You can announce it on our calendar like this sample listing which appeared on Feb. 1st:

Discuss ‘All’s the Rage’  (title of your conversation)

Will you be attending  the show “All’s the Rage”, playing at the Peter Jay Sharp Theater on Saturday evening, Feb. 2nd?  We’d love to share reactions afterwards.   If you’re interested in joining us for a brief conversation about  this provocative play, meet us in the lobby as it lets out and we’ll adjourn to a suitable venue  in the building  or on the same block.  One of us will be wearing a yellow beret.

Sue Salko and Ron Gross

OR: Just type up half-a-dozen invitations** and leave a blank space for the location;  get to the theater  half-an-hour early to scout out a bar, pizza place, or other convenient venue; then keep your eye peeled during intermission for audience members who look like they might be interested!

* Ingenious Nature was a theatrical mix-tape, written and performed by Baba Brinkman, the Canadian rap artist, writer, and creator of  The Rap Guide to Evolution (2011 Drama Desk Award Nominee).

** Suggested text: 

Dear Fellow Theater-Goer:

Would you like to talk about the show afterwards?  We’d love to share reactions!  We’ll meet after the show let’s out, at NAME & ADDRESS.   (These “Talk Abouts” are promoted by Conversations New York —

 (Signed)  YOUR NAME

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