LOVE NOW – February 14


A Socratic Conversation conducted by Ron Gross

Location: Address is available only via RSVP (to Ron at
— general area of  the Columbia University campus,  120th St. and Broadway.

Thursday, February 14th, 3:45 pm.
Limited seating.   RSVP to reserve your place.  
LOVE was the subject at Socrates’ most charming conversation, at the home of his dear friend Agathon, accompanied by plenteous wine and flirting, as portrayed in the Platonic Dialogue “The Symposium”.   Down the ages ever since, lively-minded and passionate people have found this subject deliciously discussable – and when better than on this day!
What are YOUR experiences and reflections on such questions as:
1.            What does Love mean to YOU?
2.           Is Love different for men and for women?
3.           Is Love “natural” – or “socially-constructed”?
4.          Is the word “Love” really useful – or confusing?
5.           Does the meaning of Love change as we grow?
6.           What have you learned about loving wisely and well?
Suggested optional readings:
Love, by Robert C. Solomon;
Philosophies of Love, Edited by David L. Norton and Mary F. Kille;
The Art of Loving, by Eric Fromm
Eat, Pray, Love, by Elizabeth Gilbert
Why We Love?, Helen Fisher
Light refreshments will be available. 
There will be a display of relevant recent and classic books.
For more information:

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