Please join us to celebrate the National Week of Conversation, April 25th, 6-8 pm, in Bryant Park

From: Ron Gross

Hi, CNY members,

We’re only about 3 weeks away from spearheading NYC’s celebration of the first-ever National Week of Conversation (NWOC), in Bryant Park on the evening of April 25th. Our invitation is attached, containing information about the topics, location, transportation, sponsors, and the participants’ pledge to “Listen First”; please share it with friends if you like.

This campaign has gained exciting momentum. Over 70 organizations around the country are our partners in the movement; here in NY we’ve been joined by the Union Theological Seminary and others.

If you are not already registered, please do so with one-click at the link below. You’ll be warmly welcomed to healthy conversations where listening and learning will take precedence over arguing and grandstanding. Come to share your experiences, thoughts, values, and feelings on divisive issues on which we need to better understand one another.

Pre-registration & Pledge REQUIRED.docx