“Joys and Power of Conversation”: Wed., Oct. 11th, 5:45 pm, at the Adelphi Manhattan Center, 75 Varick Street

Just a friendly reminder to please join us at the attached special CNY monthly session, where we will explore together:

  • the 12 top joys and benefits you can get from your conversations, making them a form of Everyday Spirituality
  • how meaningful conversations help us to lead healthier and happier lives
  • the roots of our need for conversation going back 10,000 years
  • how we can be inspired by the exhilarating heritage of the “salons” in Greece, Rome, Paris, London, and the U.S.
  • the ways in which our digital devices are distracting us from meaningful interaction
  • 5 life-and-death conversations we each need to have
  • the global reach of CNY through new partners in 12 cities including Lagos, Bangalor, Jerusalem, Casablanca, Tokyo, and Berlin.
  • how we’ll make the next CONVERSATION DAY on Sunday, Oct. 29th, the best one yet!

See you there!

And kindly take a moment to forward this invite to one or two friends who would make make valuable contributions to our doings!



Ronald Gross

Co-chair, University Seminar on Innovation

516 487-0235 (E-mail preferred)

E-MAIL: GrossAssoc


EDITABLE The Joys and Power of Conversation(3).pdf