Courage for Racial Justice Potlucks in NYC

Many of us in Conversations New York are seeking ways that we can come together for supportive, productive gatherings in response to our post-election political and cultural situation.

So we are pleased to call your attention to Courage for Racial Justice Potlucks. CRJP promotes self-organizing conversations in NYC aimed at creating racial justice and building community. The website is:

This site is a place for people to share what they are doing, whether it’s open to the public or limited to a particular group of people, whether you want to host a conversation about race and racism, or develop plans to take action.

CRJP especially wants to see more conversations where white people can do internal and external work that will lead to racial justice and create spaces where we can bring our questions, worries, insights, awkwardness, wondering, and ideas.

CRJP is eclectic with regard to how people organize themselves. And it has tools and resources to share, such as conversational guidelines and helpful leading questions.

Most importantly, it’s is a space for YOU to self organize!

You can scroll through separate posts to learn about different events happening, or post one yourself.

Ron Gross
for the CNY Team