SHARING OUR SPIRITUALITY: Conversations Throughout NYC in April


Conversations Throughout NYC in April


SPIRITUALITY will be the subject of conversations throughout New York City

during the month of April, as many of us observe Easter and Passover, in a

project sponsored by Conversations New York (CNY) and listed on its calendar at and .


“Lively-minded New Yorkers will gather to share their ideas, experiences, and feelings

about this compellinig subject,” says Ron Gross, founder of CNY, who conducts Socratic

Conversations at Columbia University. “Spirituality is one of the most powerful forces in

our lives. Some people contend that it’s too hot a topic for conversation. But we believe

that thinking about it together, in a spirit of mutual respect, can help us understand

ourselves and each other more deeply.”


Throughout the month, individuals, organizations and institutions will explore the subject

from diverse perspectives, ranging from the personal to the political, from the literary to the



Why not host such a conversation yourself – with whomever you like, wherever and

whenever you like — to explore SPIRITUALITY from your perspective. It’s a great way to

nurture rapport and understanding!

Among the topics to be discussed at these conversations will be:

What does spirituality mean, to you?

How do you appraise the impact of Spirituality on our society and culture?

Do you feel that religious convictions bring us together or pull us apart?

How have your spiritual principles and practices changed in the course of your life?

Could religious and spiritual leaders and institutions do more to build a better world?


Offerings will be listed on the CNY calendar at They

will take place in a myriad of public venues, ranging from the Jung Society, the New York

Society for Ethical Culture, and Columbia University, as well as at warmly welcoming cafes

and restaurants, to the atriums of business buildings like CitiGroup, IBM, and SONY.


Suggested Basic Reading: An excellent article on Spirituality on Wikipedia includes

definitions, historical development, major traditions, contemporary schools, scientific

responses, and further readings.


Conversations New York ( is a community of

volunteers devoted to enhancing the quality of life in NYC by promoting more and better

conversations. CNY’s projects have included the first national conference on THE

POWER OF CONVERSATION at Columbia University, the first CONVERSATION DAY

in Bryant Park, and promoting 1,000 conversation per year on its on-line calendar.