Let’s Talk, New York! A Sampling of Outstanding Conversations this month

Great Conversation is alive and well in NY.   Here’s a sampling from our  calendar of over 60 curated events offered by Conversations New York ( https://conversationsnewyork.com/calendar-of-conversations/ and http://www.meetup.com/Conversations-New-York/ ):

* Discuss outstanding books ranging from Lolita (1/15) to Dead Souls (1/14), to The Count of Monte Cristo (1/11).

* Celebrate MLK Day at BAM, and discuss the event afterwards with friends (1/19).

* Share your ideas and feelings about Love in a Socratic Conversation at Columbia University, as warm-up for Valentine’s Day (1/29).

* Meet interesting new people at brunch at the New York Ethical Society (1/18).

* Enjoy a Café Philo – the Parisian way of philosophical conversation (1/22).

* Experience the  Death Café, a popular approach to living more fully by confronting the reality of death (1/21).