Feeding Your Flame: A “Campfire Conversation” to Fuel Your 2014 Resolutions – Jan 23

Feeding Your Flame:
A “Campfire Conversation” to Fuel Your 2014 Resolutions

Socratic Conversation with Ron Gross

Thursday, January 23rd, 4:00 sharp – 5:15

Gottesman Library, Teachers College, Columbia University

525 West 120th St. 2nd Floor Conversation Area (bet. Broadway and Amsterdam Ave. North side of 120th Street.) (#1 train to 116th St.)

Please bring a photo ID required for entry to the building.

Kindly RSVP to reserve a place, to grossassoc@aol.com .  Thank you.

There will be a display of relevant books. Light refreshments will be available. Coffee and other beverages available downstairs as you enter the building. Socrates traditionally gathered his friends around a blazing outdoor campfire at the beginning of the Athenian New Year, opened a couple of bottles of wine, and presented five of his famous Questions to stir their thinking and renew their energies.

Let’s gather to follow in the footsteps of the Gadfly, by discussing where we’ve been this past year, where we are now, and what we want to move towards in the year ahead.

Voicing your own answers will strengthen your resolve – and hearing the answers of others will widen your awareness of possibilities for yourself.

Come share your thoughts on these Five Questions of Socrates:

1. What accomplishments from 2013 do you want to celebrate? These could be breakthroughs, things you said or did, new behaviors or thoughts. By celebrating what was good about the year, we honor our efforts and those who helped us along the way.

2. What’s an important lesson you learned in 2013? This is a way to make sense of our struggles, frustrations, anguish. Let’s capture and share some of our life-learnings.

3. What are you grateful for? Gratitude increases our awareness of the resources available to us, at any moment.

4. What do you most want for the coming year? You’ll be invited to pick a theme for the year, if you like, as in “The Year of …..” Let’s set our intention for what we want to manifest, a major target for the arrows we will launch throughout the year.

5. What commitment are you ready to make? To get what we want often requires removing obstacles and moving into new territory. What is in the way that you are ready to give up? It might be being right or doing it alone. When you commit, the whole world opens up. Not always in the way you expect, your commitment opens doors.

If we meet here one year from today,
what would you most like to report
about what happened in your life from now til then?

Please join us to re-focus on what really matters for the New Year! Bring your own energy — and you’ll leave with more from others! Together, we’ll nurture the seeds for the best 2014 you could possibly have.



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