CREATIVE AGING: New Ways to Thrive and Contribute Throughout Our Ever-Longer Life-Spans – May 30

New Ways to Thrive and Contribute
Throughout Our Ever-Longer Life-Spans

Thurs., May 30, 3:45 sharp — 5:15 pm sharp
Gottesman Library, Teachers College, 525 West 120th St.


Socrates himself reached the peak of his powers at the age of 70 (not an easy feat in those days) – and he would have continued growing, learning, and ‘kicking butt’ if he hadn’t been sentenced to death by hemlock!

  1. Do you have concerns about the future well-being of the elders in your life – your parents or grandparents? Are we victims of “Ageism” — stereotyping people on the basis of their age?
  2. Are you now or do you anticipate sharing responsibility for an elders’ quality-of-life?
  3. Are you aware that your own eventual “successful aging” will depend importantly on some things you do now? (“If I’d known I was going to live so long, I would have taken better care of myself.”)

At this Conversation we will share our experiences with aging and with those elders who have touched our lives.

Please come to share your experiences and reflections:

What does Aging mean to you?

Do you feel that there are stereotypes, prejudices, and social practices that harm older adults (“Ageism”)?

What are your concerns for and about the elders in your life?

What do you hope will characterize your own later years, in terms of life-style, activities, opportunities, and supports?

Light refreshments will be available. There will be a display of relevant publications.

Suggested optional reading:

The Third Chapter, Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot (Sarah Crichton Books, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, New York 2009)

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