CONFERENCE – July 10, 2014

THE POWER OF CONVERSATION Details (Updated May 14, 2014, 8AM)



An invitational symposium and project launch
at Columbia University in New York City
Thursday, July 10, 2014, Noon – 5:00 pm.
Columbia University main campus (Location to be announced)
FREE (by invitation as below)
Light lunch will be provided.

To apply please complete the application available at our Eventbright page –

The goals of this symposium and project launch are to:

* Advance our understanding of the power of conversation as both a personal and a public good – its myriad roles in our lives, and its benefits and limitations.
* Strengthen the network of theorists, researchers and practitioners in fields such as Dialogue and Deliberation, Civic Discourse, and Conversation Studies.
* Stimulate more and better conversations among New Yorkers, through innovative policies and practices including a pilot project, Conversations New York (

The symposium agenda will:

* Celebrate the crucial role of conversation in inspiring friendship, civic discourse, and critical and creative thinking.
* Explore the robust tradition of conversation, from the Athenian Agora to MeetUp
* Probe the causes and consequences of the current ‘retreat from conversation’ attributed to digital media and social networking
* Honor current programs to strengthen conversation.
* Share techniques for conducting more meaningful, deeper conversations.
* Develop and disseminate an Action Agenda.

The Symposium will itself be a conversation, impelled by “stem-winders” who will kick-start the discussion of the major issues.  Among them will be Judith E. Glaser, author of Conversational Intelligence; Sondra Meyers, author of Democracy is a Discussion: Civic Engagement in Old and New Democracies; and President Robert Scott of Adelphi University — as well as street-level conversational  activists who are sparking Pop-up Salons in pizza parlors and the atriums of Madison Avenue skyscrapers.

Attendance: Applications will be reviewed as received by the conference organizing committee and  invitations sent on a rolling basis until June 15th. The Committee is committed to diversity and commitment to  encouraging more and better conversations among New Yorkers. For additional information, contact Conference Co-chair: Ronald Gross,

The University Seminar on Innovation in Education
The University Seminar on Ethics, Moral Education, and Society
The Center for Health Innovation, Adelphi University
Conversations New York

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