Talk-About: Ralph Nader at Barnes at Noble – Apr 22

Talk-About: Ralph Nader on his new book, “Unstoppable”

Barnes and Noble Booksellers, Union Square

33 E 17th, NYC

Tuesday, 22 April  6:30 pm



“Unstoppable: The Emerging Left-Right Alliance to Dismantle the Corporate State”

As the media nearly overflows with stories about congressional stalemates and voter polarization, veteran activist and author Ralph Nader grows more convinced that self-described conservatives, progressives, and libertarians have much more in common than many of them still believe. In fact, he insists in this timely book, an alliance between the right and the left is emerging that holds the potential to reverse the insidious growth of the corporate state, with its dominant lobbying-power, its evisceration of civil liberties, and perpetuation of overseas conflicts. With the resilient optimism that his supporters have come to expect, his Unstoppable paints a hopeful picture of an emerging coalition.

This is a free lecture. We will meet at Barnes and Noble, and afterwards re-convene at a local café for a conversation to share our thoughts about Nader’s point of view.

About the Moderator:  Laurence Mailaender works in the technology industry, doing research aimed at improving wireless systems. He has a PhD in Electrical Engineering, and spent 12 years as a researcher in Bell Labs. Currently he develops advanced communication and GPS-geolocation systems for customers in various agencies of the U.S. Government.

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