CNY-Hosted Conversation on January 14: Laughing Matters!

Laughing Matters!:

What Role Does Humor Play in Your Life –

and in Our Culture?


Hosted by Ron Gross of Conversations New York (CNY)

and Columbia University


January 14, 2012 @ 6:15 PM — Location still to be Decided (please check back closer to date)


RSVP to: 

1.   What makes you laugh, and why?

2. Who is your favorite comic performer, author, or work? (New Yorker cartoons, Jon Stewart, Woody Allen, Guys and Dolls. Seinfeld, or….)

3. Is your sense of humor different from other peoples?

4. Do you find some current humor objectionable, “politically incorrect,” or just not funny?  (e.g, jokes about women, people with disabilities, minorities, the elderly, or….)?

5.  What role does humor play in our lives and culture – according to philosophers, psychologists, and humorists?

You’re also invited  to bring the funniest joke you have heard during the next month, to share!

Suggested Reading (optional):

  • Inside Jokes: Using Humor to Reverse-Engineer the Mind, Hur, Dennett, and Adams, MIT Press;
  • Jokes: Philosophical Thoughts on Joking Matters, Ted Cohen;
  • Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One: A History and Philosophy of Jokes, Jim Holt.



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Our vision is to inspire, organize, publicize, facilitate and celebrate

a renaissance of healthy dialogue in New York City.


How You Can Help Us Grow!

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We hope you’re as excited as we are about promoting and encouraging stimulating conversations in New York City! 

Thank you

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