CNY’s First Sponsored Event: Happiness!

Please join us for a conversation to share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences on the subject:

· What does happiness mean to you?
· How does it relate to other goals you may have, like success, wealth, fulfillment, fun, or service?
· What are some ways to achieve happiness, that have worked for you?
· Have your feelings about happiness changed in the aftermath of The Storm? (e.g., Rebecca Solnit refers to feelings that are “graver than happiness, but deeply positive.”)

Attendance will be limited to 7-10, to make for an enjoyable and rewarding conversation. The host will be Ron Gross, convenor of Socratic Conversations at Columbia University (

If you’d like to review some interesting thoughts on the topic, we suggest

We’ll gather in a comfortable, quiet nook in one of the casual eateries in Penn Station – you’ll receive the exact location when you…
…RSVP to Ron Gross at

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