What Experts Are Saying About
Conversations New York (CNY)

“CNY is providing New Yorkers with invaluable opportunities to come together to better understand, appreciate, and upgrade their wonderful city.   It’s leading the way to more democratic citizenship in cities everywhere.”

Sondra Myers,  Editor, Democracy is a Discussion: Civic Engagement in Old and New Democracies

“CNY is a beautiful initiative. Amongst the many sounds of a city, one cannot be overlooked – the voices of its citizens, the people that make it live and breathe. Conversations New York is an invaluable opportunity to make these voices heard, and of finding new, exciting compasses for this vibrant, lively metropolis. Voices attuned produce melody; melodies compose music; music can flourish in a symphony that will positively affect the quality of urban life.”
Jaime Lerner, Nominated by TIME Magazine as one of the 25 most influential thinkers in the world in 2010; author, Urban Acupuncture: Celebrating Pinpricks of Change That Enrich City Life

“CNY is a global leader in fostering meaningful and exhilarating conversations in our urbanized world.”
Harry Moody Author, Abundance of Life and The Five Stages of the Soul

“CNY is the most exciting, successfuil, and important program I know of, to reclaim the peerless joys and infinite possibilities of life’s greatest, and most useful, pleasure.”
Catherine Blyth, The Art of Conversation