Monthly Meeting


Saturday, October 20, 2018, Noon – 3:30 p.m.

Silberman School of Social Work of Hunter College (CUNY)

2180 Third Ave.

(119th Street and Third Avenue in Manhattan)

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Let’s Talk, New York!

Join us to celebrate the joy and power of great conversation!

CONVERSATIONS NEW YORK invites you to share your thoughts, experiences, feelings, and ideas. 

Bring a friend!

In the spirit of Halloween, these holiday-themed topics will be among those you can choose to discuss: 

  • What “costumes” and “masks” do we wear in our everyday lives – for work, for social occasions, for recreation, for different kinds of friends?
  • ** What’s the strangest or most uncanny experience you have ever had – in real life, or at the movies, on TV, in the theater, or elsewhere? What made it so notable?
  • ** What do we get out of putting ourselves in frightening situations like at Halloween?
  • ** Do you intentionally take steps to face your fears and strive to alleviate or manage them?

OTHER TOPICS will include: How Can You Become Happier?,  How Do You Cope with Living in NYC?, and What Have You Learned about Friendship and Love?

PLUS:    FREE raffle for books and games about Conversation; Spectral music; Info. on Conversation as Everyday Spirituality; etc.

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