You are warmly invited on any  Friday evening, to join a free gathering of other lively-minded people to discuss a topic that matters from 6:00-7:30 p.m., hosted by an experienced facilitator, at a mid-Manhattan location where your can bring or purchase your supper.

Great Conversation is free — but priceless!  It’s the most enjoyable, readily-available, and powerful way to keep our minds keen, informed, and growing!

Together with new friends, you’ll discuss a stimulating topic on which we are all experts by virtue of our life-experience, but on which we can all learn from others with different backgrounds.  Come  share YOUR experiences, ideas, and reflections.

If you’’d like to see what they’re like, just view this 5-minute video:

Each FCNY is  organized  and respectfully conducted by one or two  volunteer Hosts who are experienced in facilitating enjoyable and rewarding discussions.

FCNYs are warmly welcoming to ALL, in order to benefit from the diversity of our beloved City which has been called “the capital of the country of people not like you.”  But attendees are expected to observe CNY’s “agreements” about civility, conviviality, and relevance.

FCNYs are held in public venues like  parks, libraries, upstairs eating rooms of fast-food restaurants, business-building ground-floor atriums, community centers, libraries, etc.    At sessions that are not at an eatery, participants are usually   invited to bring their own food and drink (including, optionally,  something to contribute to a potluck).

Contact and further information:  We welcome your questions, queries, comments, and offers of support.

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