and throughout NYC 

For a detailed invitation to the upcoming Friday’s session with the exact location, topic, and host, please send a request to Ron Gross at 

These gatherings occur  each Friday evening from 6:00-8:00 in the Park or environs.

Join us to share your thoughts, experiences and insights about topics that matter — in Manhattan’s most beautiful small Park!   Great Conversation is free — but priceless!  It’s the most enjoyable, readily-available, and powerful way to keep our minds keen, informed, and growing!

Together with new friends, you’ll discuss a stimulating topic on which we are all experts by virtue of our life-experience, but on which we can all learn from others with different backgrounds.

Bring your supper if you like — and possibly a treat to share with others in your group (Whole Foods and Pret de Manger across Sixth Avenue).


Friday Night Conversations can be organized anywhere in the City where  6-10 people want to gather  to talk for 1-2 hours about things that matter – personally, socially, and politically.  The purpose is simply to enjoy good company and share experiences, ideas, and reflections. These gatherings offer a transition from the rigors of the work-week to the full enjoyment of the weekend.

Anyone can organize and conduct FNC by inviting a few people to a mutually convenient venue/time. The participants should be as diverse as possible via notification through social media, Meet-Up, word-mouth, or posting.  FCNYs are intended to be open, accessible, and warmly welcoming, in order to benefit from the diversity of our beloved City which Pete Hamill called “the capital of the country of people not like you.”