Conversation Stations: Making Your Neighborhood Friendlier

Great Neck Conversation Station in action


Making Your Neighborhood Friendlier

Here’s how I and some conversational activists encouraged our townsfolk to have more and better conversations — as reported in a letter published in The New York Times, and an article from our local paper.

Want to do this in your neck of the woods? We’re glad to provide the simple how-to.

To the Editor:

Here in Great Neck, N.Y., we have recently designated “conversation stations” at sidewalk seating around town, inviting passers-by to “Please sit here if you’d welcome some friendly conversation.” It’s working, according to the local press (below). Once you get used to filling your day with social exercise, it gets easier and easier, and more and more fun.

Ronald Gross

Great Neck, N.Y

The writer, director of Conversations New York, organized the conversation stations.

Great Neck Record Article