Calendar of Conversations

Check back often.  We update our calendar weekly.
In considering the conversations listed on the calendar, please exercise your own judgment using your personal criteria — and by all means share  your reactions after you attend, with us and with other members of the CNYcommunity.   Thanks and enjoy!

Please click on the specific events to see  organizer’s details and then click on “more details>>”  for link to organizers’ website to RSVP,  their exact location, unexpected changes in location/time, and any special instructions.

Note – Conversations New York (CNY)  neither screens participants,  nor supervises or controls CNY meetings, and we have no involvement  with any of the individuals who participate in CNY programs listed on all our calendars.  Therefore, we suggest that  participants  exercise good judgment when attending  CNY events.   Also,  please be advised that CNY is NOT a forum for dating,  or for employees or independent contractors to introduce, promote, or sell goods and/or services, or for any  unlawful activity.

(T/A) – Denotes opportunities for a “Talk-About” after the formal event if attendees choose to organize one.  CNY can help volunteer organizer convene a conversation.

CNY is testing the use of Google calendar.  We welcome any comments, suggestions, and help to make the calendar more user-friendly!  Please send our webmaster your feedback at


2 thoughts on “Calendar of Conversations

  1. Thank you for compiling the conversations around NYC. I found some interesting conversation groups which I was not aware of.

  2. A shout out to George and his group of regulars at his Socrates Cafe in Queens. I meetup with them twice, and I enjoyed the interesting questions voted on and the lively exchange each time.
    Below are the questions voted on from their last meetup:

    “For those who were unable to make it, we had stimulating dialogue at our last Meet Up on Monday, November 19th, 2012. The “winning” question was submitted by new member Jenny (Welcome!).

    Below is a list of all the questions submitted that evening:
    1) Are crowds wise or ignorant mobs? (courtesy of Marc)
    2) What should the US government be responsible for in order to take care of its citizens? (courtesy of Paul)
    3) Can we develop as human beings? If so, what would be the next paradigm shift in human evolution? (courtesy of Mizan)
    4) Why do natural disasters effect some more than others? (courtesy of Miriam)
    5) Do you really feel sorry for natural disaster victims or is it a matter of being happy it wasn’t you? (courtesy of Phil)
    6)Why is the symbol of Lincoln becoming more popular? (courtesy of Jorge)
    7) Does charity begin at home? (courtesy of Liang)
    ***8) In order to lead effectively, should public officials have really high moral standards? (courtesy of Jenny)”

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