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SHOW UP – Join one of these upcoming conversations

BE SURE TO CONFIRM EVENTS BEFORE GOING — Things Change (and we occasionally make mistakes.)

Check back often.  We update our calendar daily.

Please click on the specific events to see  organizer’s details and then click on “more details>>”  for link to organizers’ website to RSVP,  their exact location, unexpected changes in location/time, and any special instructions.

Note – Conversations New York (CNY) neither screens participants, nor supervises or controls CNY meetings, and we have no special relationship with the individuals who participate in programs listed in our calendars.  Therefore, please exercise good judgment when attending events.

Note particularly that CNY events are NOT a forum for dating, for employees or independent contractors to introduce, promote, or sell goods and/or services, for organizing social/political action such as demonstrations, rallies, or partisan political campaigns, or for any unlawful activity.   CNY meeting calendars are for posting events located in public areas only.

CNY  hosts, partners, and members are responsible for their own content. They cannot use CNY‘s platform to email (or solicit) members on matters outside of their own specific conversation meetup without prior approval from the Director, Ronald Gross, (of course, logistical details such venue change or date change do not require prior approval).   CNY hosts, partners, and members cannot speak for CNY or commit CNY to any obligations.

Participants are:
– expected to honor other people’s stated boundaries and respect their privacy
– not obligated to provide information or answer any questions against their will
– encouraged to share only information they feel comfortable with sharing
– expected to maintain confidentiality and not reshare personal information without permission from the owner
– responsible for resolving their own disputes and conflicts without involving CNY or other non-parties
– in agreement by showing up to these events.

(T/A) – Denotes opportunities for a “Talk-About” after the formal event if attendees choose to organize one.  CNY can help volunteer organizer convene a conversation.

CNY is testing the use of Google calendar.  We welcome any comments, suggestions, and help to make the calendar more user-friendly!  Please send our webmaster your feedback at


One thought on “SHOW UP – Join one of these upcoming conversations

  1. Thank you for compiling the conversations around NYC. I found some interesting conversation groups which I was not aware of.

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